Zone Therapy

To many, the information I am providing will be way out there. But think about why you believe that your body is not easily managed by you. Why are you not convinced that your body has self-healing and health maintaining mechanisms that you can harmonize with?

Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology is one such area that you may have to stretch your beliefs about your body’s healing capabilities. Reflexology is a type of healing therapy that identifies zones in the ears, hands and feet. Each of these zones or areas corresponds to glands and organs of the body. When these zones are manipulated by massaging or by being pressed, a physical healing or transformation in the corresponding area results. According to Chinese healers, qi, or life force energy flows freely in a healthy body. Reflexology aids in releasing blocks, tension and pain allowing the qi to flow freely. Egyptian, Native American, Chinese & Japanese cultures have used this healing method for centuries.

As I mention before, by massaging or applying pressure, you can stimulate healing in certain areas of your body. Tender or sore spots in a zone may indicate blocked qi and does not mean there is disease. A certified reflexologists or your mate could give you a massage, but this is all about getting to know your own body, right? Also, if you are seriously ill, doctors are in no way off limits. Just educate yourself about your body and the doctor will know she is not dealing with some stray sheep. (I mean no disrespect to sheep, but they are lead easily aren’t they?).

“Do It While You View It”

Hand Reflexology

Reflexology Points of the Hand: 1. Pituitary 2. Neck 3. Side of head and Brain 4. Top of head and Brain 5. Sinus 6. Eye 7. Eustachian tube 8. Ear 9. Thyroid 10. Lung 11. Heart 12. Solar Plexus 13. Liver 14. Spleen 15. Stomach and Pancreas 16. Small Intestine 17. Colon 18. Bladder 19. Ureter tube 20. Kidney 21. Adrenal 22. Shoulder 23. Ovary/testes 24. Sciatic Nerve

Give yourself a nice hand massage if putting your foot on your lap is too much work.
At the very least, this ear massage video will put a smile on your face.


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