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homo luminous is for people who consider themselves spiritual beings & explorers seeking out information for self-improvement, self-healing and self-advancement. This site is also for people who may not have a serious intent to practice any of the techniques & are simply information seekers. This site is for anyone else who might enjoy it. All are welcome here.

Simply put, I will gather & share techniques or tools that I am drawn to that will help you tap into your innately high frequency, among other benefits. (Just so you know, I am not affiliated with any of organizations or persons from which the materials originate, unless I state it, nor am I compensated in any way). I will not give long or detailed information about any of the processes unless I really need to. Since most posts will be links to the source where the original information is located, there is no need to do what has already been done.

Also, there is no need to impose your truth upon another. So please do not try to force any of these tools on anyone else. You are responsible for your spiritual advancement only. This is the time to turn your attention inward, and any benefits you receive will naturally radiate outward to those around you.

Lastly, you will not need all of the tools shared, so go with the ones you feel will assist you. Give the processes time to work, especially for the deeply entrenched patterns. And remember that these tools and techniques will not work by simply reading about them; effort is required on your part. Cultivate joy and gratitude, and you will see your life change for the better. We all have the opportunity to experience paradise here and now.

In-Joy. })i({

**Your guru is you** Have fun and play**


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